Jeanine Thurston Creative Marketing Director

Jeanine Thurston is the marketing mastermind at The Colorado Group. She believes that you are always listening first, and directly speaking to a single human at all times. Jeanine has been directing creative and marketing teams for service-based and product businesses for over 35 years… She wrangles marketing projects like her border collie wrangles sheep. Also, rocking life like a boss babe balancing her own two teens like a mother and making our client properties sparkle in our content and brochures. She loves giving back through volunteering around the Denver area and acts as an advisor to up and coming marketing professionals. Her son calls her an octopus for a good reason. Jeanine has an MBA in Marketing/Business Management and Bachelor’s degrees in Social Psychology and Design/Visual Arts & Communications/Photography.  Free-time often involves photographing the world around her and globe-trotting with her family.