Helping Landlords and Tenants through COVID-19 – Louisville, Superior, & Lafayette, CO


We want to invite LOUISVILLE, SUPERIOR, & LAFAYETTE COLORADO business tenants and landlords to a Q & A Zoom meeting on Thursday –  April 23rd, 1 pm – 2pm. 

The Colorado Group, Inc. – Scott Reichenberg, Jorge Espinoza, Scott Crabtree,  and Jeff Levy will present the very latest on what is known so far about the commercial real estate impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic and will start with sharing their perspectives on the outlook going forward.   In a time where most tenants are being significantly impacted by this crisis and are wondering “what’s next” and “how do I best navigate lease obligations”, The Colorado Group would love to offer our experience and knowledge to help business owners with any questions they may have.

“We understand the anxiety and questions that are affecting our community and business owners as it is a continual learning curve in uncharted waters.  Many tenants and landlords have questions and we want to do our part and help answer those questions and help business owners survive these difficult times.” ~ Scott Reichenberg – President/Principal/Broker Associate 


  1. Approximately 15-20 minutes of introductions/opening comments
  2. Q&A fielding chat questions answered to the extent of our knowledge
  3. Contact information will be given for more difficult questions  that may require a personal call.

Zoom meeting is limited to the first 100 people that login.  We will be recording this meeting and it will be available to view the following day on our website.  We encourage people to hop on the meeting a couple of minutes early!

The Colorado Group, Inc. is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting for Louisville Commercial Tenants and Landlords.