Welcoming Fulcrum Genomics

We would like to welcome Fulcrum Genomics to 1840 Folsom!


Founded in August of 2015, Fulcrum Genomics LLC provides specialized bioinformatic services to advance technology and the understanding of human disease.  Utilizing our extensive experience in both industry and academia, and in research and clinical settings, we adapt tools and pipelines to suit your needs.  We have extensive experience from designing assays for target capture, including solution-based as well as multiplex PCR.   We have participated in developing novel sequencing technologies and assays, from signal processing through primary analysis and finally interpretation, while providing critical insight into upstream improvements in laboratory preparation.  We have built and operated analysis pipelines to support the most high-through genomic production environments, managing the analysis and storage of petabytes of data, along with critical laboratory and phenotypic metadata, both in research and CLIA licensed environments.  We strive to understand your problems and provide solutions that you can use to improve your research and product development or for your technology and assay.